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The cold case of the missing women of Southern State University has haunted me for over a decade. Join me as I piece together the information we have and maybe, figure out what really happened during the 98/99 school year. 

Step #1:
Location #1

What do we know about the place where these four women went missing?

Southern State University is a small, yet prestigious university in North Carolina.

Step #2:
The First Victim

Who was Tammy Estep?

How did her path intersect with the other three victims? 

Step #3:
The Roommate

Jessica Fadley was incredibly close to her freshman year roommate, Daisy Molina. Did Daisy know the other victims? How does she fit into all this?

Redacted police interview with Daisy Molina. 

What was Sergeant O'Neil corroborating????

Step #4: 
The second victim


Phoebe Baker, at face value, seems like a bit of an outlier. She was quiet. Reserved. Yet, she had astonishing connections to, not only the other victims, but a few suspects as well.

step #5:
The recovery site

The man-made reservoir is a well known hangout spot to locals...and only the locals. It's off the beaten track and hidden beyond the main road. Unless you live here, or know someone who does, you're not going to find it. Yet bodies are being discovered here. That means we should be able to narrow down the suspect pool.

Step #6:
Victim #3

Less is known about Meagan Lambert than any of the other missing women. What we do know is she was also a freshman and lived in the same dorm as Jessica and Tammy. Her relationships appear to be a tangled web- perhaps more so than the others... 

Step #7:
The main Girl

While this case is about 4 young women, most have to admit that the majority of the attention centered on this ONE woman. Why is that? Is it because she was a local and people became more invested in her story? Is it because she was the epitome of the 'All American' college girl with her straight A's and classic good looks? Who knows? But one question has haunted all of us since 1999...Where is Jessica Fadley?

Jessica grew up on this quiet street in Mt. Randall with her parents and younger sister, Lindsey. It was in front of her house that she was last seen.

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